About Us

About Us


Luxury was never linear.

Cut the line and get circular.


A platform for preowned luxury products, curated for conscious collectors and supporters of circular fashion. We are here to empower a community of buyers and re-sellers who are ready to leave linear fashion behind. We don’t just sell bags, we dress our community, giving them access to a high-end network of local and regional closets, and unique runway pieces. We play the role of a private concierge and personal stylist to our clients, and thanks to their trust, our opinion matters and our voice is loud and heard.

Call us cliché, but how can we say we are passionate about what we do without using the word passionate?! We know every item we have by heart. Where it was. What it’s called and where it sits on our shelves. We also know you by name. We know what you like. We remember every detail, from your style to your shoe size - We are relationship material!

We cherish the story and history behind fashion and we treat every piece we sell through our consignment partners like it’s our very own. At GARAGELUXE we make sure that each piece finds a new home and that every interaction made along the way is human and personal, no matter how the business grows or how big and wide we travel.

You are the reason we keep telling this story.


GARAGELUXE is set to define new luxury.

A platform that brings together conscious collectors and supporters of circular fashion.

A network that collects preowned luxury products, taking an open stand against all things fake.

A philosophy that places luxury fashion on the same shelf as art and empowers others to invest in pieces that speak to them.

A partner that empowers fashion savvy individuals with the knowledge and tools, helping them find the best investors for their products.

A friend that helps consumers make better and more sustainable choices for themselves and the planet.

Our Story

Established in 2013, GARAGELUXE became the first online consignment network to make luxury accessible, and the preowned re-wearable in Lebanon. Today, it has become the benchmark for a secure and secondary luxury market in the region, starting a movement towards circular and sustainable fashion.

GARAGELUXE’s luxury lifestyle “re-commerce” model was first (and still is) built on providing customers with trendy and in-season products by honing a strong network of consignors. The carefully curated selection of iconic labels is exclusively sourced from prestigious stores and brands, global celebrities, fashion-forward collectors, and premium international design houses. All its products range from new and secondhand items that tell an exclusive story and vintage products that have profound roots in the world of luxury fashion. GARAGELUXE is known to go beyond the expected to ensure the authenticity of every item it sells. From 1 day to 3 months, we’ll spend however long it takes to authenticate an item through our network of experts and using the latest authentication technology in the business; Entrupy.

Since it was founded, GARAGELUXE has been empowering a community of likeminded individuals to buy and sell luxury pieces that tell their own story. Through its strong network GARAGELUXE is equipping resellers with the knowledge and tools to make more educated decisions while buying and selling pre-owed luxury goods, contributing immensely to the fight against counterfeiting.

As you browse through our website, store, socials you will discover incredible and unique products from some of the world’s most beloved luxury fashion brands. From shoes and bags to clothing, jewelry and style! GARAGELUXE has an exclusive world of luxury to offer.


Because we believe our role is more than just an e-commerce platform and our voice is louder than a fashion expert. We do it because we believe we can contribute to the true definition of luxury by staying true to the story of each item we have.

  • Reimagining luxury fashion, from new to preowned.
  • Giving every luxury item a new life and a home
  • Building a community of likeminded individuals
  • Promoting circular Fashion
  • Celebrating all things vintage and brand history
  • Sharing, facilitating, featuring, and informing
  • Empowering resellers with the knowledge and tools to make educated decisions


CONSCIOUS LOVE. Being conscious is, essentially, being in love. Being in love with a product’s history and story. Being in love with its curious

imperfections. Being in love with the planet so much that we take extra care to preserve it. Being conscious is being in love.

IT HAS TO BE REAL. We curate 100% authentic luxury goods that we believe emanate a story and true connection with potential buyers. Everything we offer our community is meaningful, valuable and real.

LUXURY MUST BE LIVED. We believe in redefining the meaning of luxury as something that can be continuously lived rather than bought fresh out of a box. Luxury is a seamless experience, one that simply flows with mindful choices and a curiosity to unravel your part of its story.

SUSTAINABLY PRESENT. Those who love luxury fashion understand that there is a timelessness to every piece they’ve ever bought. At GarageLuxe we remain grounded in the present, inspired by the history of every piece we curate and mindful of future generations who will inherit our planet.

A NETWORK AND A COMMUNITY. Beyond providing authentic luxury goods we aim to make our every seller and buyer become part of a strong community and extended network that is linked by honesty, trust, and a passion for circular fashion.


Our Mission

Let’s grow a network of likeminded individuals who seek a luxury lifestyle NOT luxury fashion. Our mission is to empower our community to be more selective in the story they tell about themselves through carefully curated preowned pieces.

Our Vision

Let’s make preowned a preferred choice over the new, across the region and the world. Our vision is to inspire others to embrace less-than-perfect fashion and more “experienced” pieces and to tell a story of conscious love and circular luxury.


Our promise is to redefine the meaning of luxury as something that can be continuously lived rather than bought fresh out of a box.

Our promise is to ensure that everything on our platform is meaningful, valuable and real.

Our promise is to provide our community with an authentic experience and to build solid partnerships based on loyalty, continuity and honesty.

Our promise is to keep up to date with the world as it presents new tools and ways of doing things.


Our values describe us as we really are.

  • Trustworthy: Our relationship with our community of sellers and buyers is built on trust, fueled by our transparency and years of expertise.
  • Sustainable: We are advocates of slow fashion and strive to sustain our planet.
  • Synergetic: We flow as one; a team in perfect synergy.
  • Client driven: We strive to make every customer a lifetime partner from the moment they walk through our doors.
  • Fashion Oriented: Fashion is our language and we are more than fluent.



Storytelling is at the very core of our business model and brand identity. That’s why our tone of voice is:

  • Very personal and human
  • Direct, bold, and witty
  • Flirty and positive
  • Luxurious with a flair
  • Subtly informative and educational


Those who seek a like-minded community. We welcome every fashion-savvy individual who understands the timelessness of every piece they’ve ever bought. Those who seek access to a high end network of local and regional closets, and limited or out-of-stock runway pieces. Those who crave a private concierge or personal stylist in their shopping experiences. Those who hunt for items that tell a story and would wear them like their own.


Redefining the meaning of luxury as something that can be continuously lived rather than bought fresh out of a box. Connecting likeminded individuals over luxury by creating a deeper experience that moves beyond the material. Becoming a reference for luxury fashion, goods and art while providing content and material that trigger a curiosity to unravel the story behind everything.